The Tam High Foundation Has Awarded Its 2013-14 Mini-Grants

The Foundation awarded its 2013-2014 mini-grants (for $10,000 or less) on October 14.  Here are some of the innovative classroom tools and programs Tam students can look forward to this year:

  • Live video streaming of Tam sporting events and guest speakers, thanks to two high-definition video cameras for the Tam News.  Journalism students will get hands-on experience with live camera work and video editing, and the Tam community will have a new way to experience school events, both live and on video archive, on the Tam News website.
  • DNA barcoding labs for all Integrated Science 1-2 and Marine Science students that will let them identify plants and invertebrate animals using mitochondrial DNA.  Last year, during its pilot phase, students found a potential new species in the estuary across from the school.
  • A SMART board for Room 310, which is used by Integrated Science and Biology classes.  This flexible teaching tool will enrich instruction and make data more accessible to all students.
  • New computers and software for the Music Department practice rooms that will let students play their individual parts with an accompaniment track, forward it to the music teacher, and receive immediate, personalized feedback and instruction.
  • Guest artists for the Drama Department, who will help guide student directors.

Other grants — almost $64,000 in all — will benefit the Fine Arts, Math, Leadership, PE, Applied Technology, and Auto Shop departments.  And this is just the beginning.  In the spring, the Foundation’s Major Grant process will award the bulk of the $400,000 it hopes to raise.

If you haven’t yet donated to the Foundation, please donate now, so we can continue to fund the innovative programs and state-of-the-art tools that help make Tam an extraordinary experience for all students!


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