The Foundation Awards Its 2014 Mini Grants


The Foundation has awarded its 2014 Mini Grants.  Mini Grants are awarded each fall to fund programs and technology that cost less than $10,000 and align with the Foundation’s mission to “foster academic excellence and innovation in education for every student at Tam High.”  This year’s Mini Grants total just over $100,000, and include the following:

  • Four multi-media learning systems, including screens, projectors, and wireless sketchpads, for the Math department.  These interactive, state-of-the-art systems allow students to display their work and teachers to model problem solving on a widescreen display using remote keyboards and styluses.
  • Laptops, cart and printer to serve the approximately 750 students in all grades who have classes in Wood Hall, including English and Social Studies classes.
  • A new Strategic Peer Mentoring Program that will use professional expertise to support the Peer Mentoring class, a group of juniors and seniors who will mentor twenty at-risk freshmen and sophomores who desire peer support in navigating academic, social, and emotional challenges.
  • Keyboards, covers and styluses to support iPads in the Science department.
  • Funds for a holiday student art show that will enable Fine Arts students to display their work in a covered tent on the Tam grounds.  The fair will be open during the school day and evenings and will include student demonstrations.  It’s a great opportunity for parents, peers and siblings (especially those MVMS students!) to learn more about Tam’s Fine Arts program.
  • A twin post vehicle lift for Auto Shop, to replace a twenty-year-old hydraulic lift that was in need of significant repair.

Additional Mini Grants will benefit the English, Social Studies, Library, Leadership, Special Education and Applied Technology departments.  They are just the first round of grants the Foundation will award this year.  Our Major Grants, supporting programs and equipment that cost more than $10,000, will be awarded in the spring.  You can find a list of our 2013-14 grants, which are being implemented during this school year, here.

If you’d like to help us raise the funds that will support these grants, please donate hereYour help is appreciated by all of Tam’s teachers and students!


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