The Foundation Has Awarded Its 2015-16 Major Grants

The Foundation has awarded over $400,000 in grants for innovative teaching, technology, and other support for the 2015-16 academic year.  Foundation grants are awarded solely in response to applications submitted by Tam teachers and staff.  Grants must further the Foundation’s mission, which is to support creative, innovative and state-of-the-art programs and technology that enrich the education of Tam students.  This year, our grants will fund the following:

College and Career Center RemodelTam’s outdated career center will be refurbished with new laptops, updated technology, and furniture to create a comfortable and accessible place for students to research post-secondary options.  The remodeled space will give CCC staff greater flexibility to host workshops, one-on-one meetings, and meetings with college admissions representatives, as well as serve more students with up-to-date search tools such as Naviance.

Language Learning Lab Replacement.  Tam’s Language Learning Lab, originally funded by the Foundation 15 years ago, will be completely replaced.  With new computers and state-of-the-art software, it will offer students in all grade levels even more creative and intuitive ways to interact with their peers here and abroad while mastering another language. 

Journalism Lab Replacement.  Tam’s award-winning Journalism program will receive 15 Mac workstations to replace the aging Dell workstations in its computer lab.  The new computers will support all of the department’s print, web, and broadcast journalism projects, which in turn serve the entire Tam community.

Documentary Filmmaking.  Michael Lavezzo’s AIM and AP Literature classes will use new laptops and software to make film interpretations of poems and prose, giving students a creative new way to engage with the written word.

eBook/Audio Book Platform for Tam Library.  The Library will receive a subscription and supporting hardware for Overdrive, a platform that will allow students to remotely check out eBooks and audio books and access them on any device, including their own personal device, for school work or pleasure reading.

Intramural Sports Program.  Through Principal Synyard’s intramural athletic program, students will be able to compete in intramural sports for fun and small prizes during lunch.  The program will build community and encourage students to stay on campus.

Leadership Summit.  Tam’s four leadership programs (Leadership, Link Crew, Peer Mentoring, and Peer Resource) will participate in a twice-yearly full-day workshop with a professional leadership facilitator to improve communication and coordinate efforts among the programs, helping them better serve their peers.

Chromebooks.  The Foundation will provide more than 100 Chromebooks to be shared by the Social Studies, English, and Peer Mentoring classes held in Wood Hall, and another 30 for Mary Wuerth’s Integrated Science and AP Biology classes. 

Guest Artists in Drama, Music, and Fine Arts.  Once again, the Foundation will fund guest artists in the Drama, Studio Arts, and Music Departments.  These artists provide students with invaluable experiences and knowledge through their professional expertise in these areas.

Spoken Word Poetry With Youth Speaks.  During their poetry unit, Sophomore English students will work with the professional poets of Youth Speaks, a San Francisco-based organization that works with high schools throughout the Bay Area and emphasizes the art and dynamic of spoken word poetry.

Marin Theater Company Collaboration.  Every Junior will have the opportunity to attend a Marin Theater Company matinee performance next year.  MTC members will also visit classrooms to prepare students for the play and discuss it afterwards in this engaging and creative program that breathes life into the dramatic literature curricular requirement.

Shakespeare Guest Artists in English Core.  Ninth and tenth graders’ required study of Shakespeare will become an interactive, hands-on experience when Shakespearean actors visit their classroom to help them interpret and perform excerpts from his plays.

Scholarships for Pathways.  Pathways is an alternative program open to all Seniors in the district that places students in internships and allows them to take COM courses in the field of their choice while completing their remaining high school course requirements.  Because COM will no longer offer these courses free of charge, the Foundation will help provide the funds Pathways needs to continue to provide this invaluable opportunity.

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