Grant Application Procedure

Grant Application Procedure


The Tam High Foundation is interested in funding projects that align with our mission:

“To foster the academic excellence and emotional and physical well-being of ALL Tam Students.In partnership with Tam High Faculty and staff, the Foundation funds grants which support innovative programs, cutting edge tools and equitable educational opportunities in education to provide every student with a pathway to success.”

The Foundation also seeks to support projects that have as broad an impact as possible.  All projects should enhance the learning environment, supporting staff and students in ways the District’s regular budget does not allow.

Dates and Deadlines

The Foundation awards grants in two cycles.  Mini-grants, for projects costing less than $12,500, are awarded in the fall.  Major grants, for projects costing more than $12,500, are awarded in the spring.  Applications are open NOW for the Mini Grant Season 2018 and will be accepted until September 20th 2018. Please download and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Application Format

The Grants Committee will specify the information applicants must provide for each cycle.  This information will include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Name(s), department (including the project leader if there are more than one applicant, or if applying as a group), role, and contact information.
  2. Project name and summary, including a brief description of the project, its goals and objectives, and the grade levels and number of students who will benefit.
  3. A description of how the project will impact student learning and enhance students’ opportunities to meet learning objectives.
  4. A description of the implementation plan, including projected dates.
  5. The amount of funding requested, including a detailed budget including shipping and taxes, if applicable.  Applicants requesting IT-related funding will be encouraged to review the District list of IT equipment that is supported/recommended for the relevant school year and select items from this list and utilize the pricing indicated.  Devices that the District has identified as being unable to support will not be funded.
  6. The date the applicant expects to request funding from the Budget Secretary.
  7. The approval of the department head (signature).


Staff whose grants receive full or partial funding will be asked to participate in an evaluation process.

Further Information

To request more information about the grant application project, please email the Foundation at

To download the application,  click here Mini Grant Application Fall 2018

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