Tam High Foundation Grants are Enriching Student and Academic Life for All Students at Tam

This year, the Foundation awarded over $400,000 in its Mini (under $12,500) and Major (over $12,500) and Recurring grant cycles. Foundation grants are awarded in response to applications submitted by Tam teachers and staff, and must further the Foundation’s mission to support creative, innovative, and state-of-the-art programs and tools that enrich the education of Tam students. Examples of recent grants include the following: 

Grants Awarded During the 2016-17 Academic Year

Major Grants (Awarded Spring 2017): Nearly $200,000 Awarded

The Foundation continues its strong support of technology for Tam teachers and students, bringing to over $1million dollars of investment in computers, laptops and other technology over the past five years. This grant cycle’s purchases include:

35 Chromebooks – The Foundation will purchase 35 Chromebooks for the Library, to supplement 35 previously purchased Chromebooks, giving students access to class work and teaching programs in use in nearly all of Tam’s classrooms.

Digital and film cameras for Visual Arts/Photography – The Foundation will purchase 40 digital and film cameras for the growing Visual Arts/Photography program, significantly reducing students’ wait time for access to this critical equipment, plus additional enlarging lenses for the new enlargers that were funded by a major grant last year.

The Foundation will also, as usual, support a number of innovative teaching programs and other projects that will improve the experience of Tam students on campus, including:

Tam News/Feeder School Engagement Program – The Foundation will fund the Tam News’ feeder school outreach program, in which eighth graders from MLK, Willow Creek, and Bolinas/Stinson middle schools will work with Tam News students to produce a news magazine while getting invaluable exposure to a potential elective, the Tam campus, and student mentors, all of which will ease their transition to Tam as freshmen.

Funding for Bridge the Gap Onsite Tutoring – For the third consecutive year, the Foundation will pay the salaries of the tutors (most of whom are Tam teachers) who work with students in Bridge the Gap, an onsite tutoring program which aims to close the achievement gap between at-risk students and the general student population.

Guest Artists in Drama, Music, and Fine Arts – Once again, the Foundation will fund guest artists in the Drama, Studio Arts, and Music Departments.  These artists provide students with invaluable experiences and knowledge through their professional expertise in these areas.

Materials for Student Leadership – The Foundation will underwrite the creation of manuals and guidebooks for Tam’s Student Leadership class, streamlining their work and providing valuable clarity to the numerous student clubs and teams its students administer. It will also purchase audio/visual equipment to support Leadership’s well-received bi-weekly “Hawks Talks,” which are broadcast to all students.

Innovative Poetry Project – Literature teacher LesLeigh Golson will use Foundation funds to conduct an interactive poetry, music, and video project to bring required texts to life for her students.

Marin Theater Company Collaboration – Every Junior will have the opportunity to attend a Marin Theater Company matinee performance next year.  MTC members will also visit classrooms to prepare students for the play and discuss it afterwards in this engaging and creative program that breathes life into the dramatic literature curricular requirement.

Shakespeare Guest Artists in English Core – Ninth and tenth graders’ required study of Shakespeare will become an interactive, hands-on experience when Shakespearean actors visit their classroom to help them interpret and perform excerpts
from his plays.

Spoken Word Poetry With Youth Speaks – During their poetry unit, Sophomore English students will work with the professional poets of Youth Speaks, a San Francisco-based organization that works with high schools throughout the Bay Area and emphasizes the art and dynamic of spoken word poetry.

WISE (Working to Inspire Student Empowerment) Program – In this elective class (formerly called Strategic Peer Mentoring), upper-class students are trained and then matched with freshmen and sophomore mentees to set and reach academic and social goals. The Foundation provides training and other materials for this class.

Mindfulness Training – In the first year of this program 200 freshman students and 15 WISE mentors will benefit from twice-weekly mindfulness training sessions over the course of 8 weeks, designed to give them tools to better respond to stressful triggers and improve concentration and focus, socio-emotional skills and ease anxiety.

Mini Grants (Awarded Fall 2016):  Over $100,000 awarded for projects costing less than $12,500 

Chromebooks – The Foundation continued its investment in Chromebooks, purchasing five 35-unit carts for the Social Studies, Science, English, and World Language departments to support innovative, technology-based learning in those subjects.

Math – The Foundation purchased classroom sets of scientific calculators for all algebra and geometry classes, eliminating the need
for students to buy these vital tools and bring them to class each day.

Science – The Foundation funded the purchase of materials for a hands-on biotechnology lab and copies of The Sixth Extinction.

Wellness – The Foundation is proud to support Tam’s newly approved onsite Wellness Center with a grant to fund speakers and programs that will enrich students’ social, emotional, and physical learning and health.

Photography – This year the Fine Arts Photography classes enjoyed new GoPro cameras to learn stop motion animation and underwater photography. The Foundation also purchased a replacement photo printer.

Peer Resources – The Peer Resources elective class trains Juniors and Seniors to offer a student voice for Wellness and healthy choices. The Foundation supports this effort by funding guest speakers, t-shirts, and teaching materials.

Drama – Once again, the Foundation is proud to support the inspirational collaboration of CTE drama students with Mr. Lovejoy’s Special Day Students. CTE Honors students also participated in specialized workshops to guide them in facilitating and directing peers.

Fine Arts – The 3rd Annual Tam Winter Arts Faire & Holiday Sale grew this year to include Fine Art, Drama, Music, and Applied Technology to offer stage performances and exhibit space over two days.

Counseling Department – Tam’s Counseling Department received a much-needed facelift, including new paint and furniture.

Auto Shop – The Foundation purchased necessary parts for students to restore a donated 1965 Mustang coupe, and continues its support for the barbecue incentive program.

Special Education – Special education students worked in paid internships in the Workplace Learning Program, thanks to a grant from the Foundation.

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