THF Grants Funded in 2017-2018

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our Parent and Business Donors, along with Schools Rule Marin and various shopping programs, we have been able to fund the following grants in 2017-2018. All grants are aligned with our Mission Statement and fall outside any possible funding from the Tamalpais Unified School District. EVERY STUDENT at Tam High benefits from grants funded by the Tam High Foundation.

$60,000 spent on Chromebooks & Carts for the Library, World Languages, English and Math

$53,560 for Science equipment modernization and improvement along with state-of-the-art Biotech equipment and material for the new Physics curriculum.

$26,600 granted to the English department for Shakespeare Projects, Poets in the Schools, and Diverse and Multicultural Experiences

$24,818 spent on Macbook Pros, and $27,317 for digital cameras & enlargers to expand the Digital Photography Lab

$28,032 funded to the Visual Art department for Electric Potter’s Wheels, the Winter Faire and Guest Artists throughout the year

$9,400 to the Wellness Centre to contribute toward operational costs, and $10,000 to create a comprehensive student drug & alcohol program at Tam

$62,000 for CTE Guest Professional Artists and programs

$40,000 for Experiential Learning Trips to support learning outside of the classroom

$30,000 for Guest Professional Artists in the Music department

$3,795 for new Computer & Photography Equipment for the Tam Journalism Department

$20,650 for Mindfulness training for all Freshmen & Sophomores

$3,650 for new equipment in the Autoshop

$21,149 to for Equity Initiatives, training and the new Spirit Equity Scholarship Program

$9,986 to Leadership for Video Equipment, Color Printer, Manuals, Retreat, and Homecoming Dance

$3,000 to the College & Career Center to help pay test score & college application fees for students in need.

$2,000 to support our Counselors and College & Career Specialist

$4,000 to support our Administration

$25,000 to Bridge The Gap for daily on-site tutoring at Tam

$5,500 to fund an after-school Math Teacher and Peer Tutoring Program

$24,000 to fund a Library Aide to keep the Library open until 7pm Monday-Thursday

$12,900 to our Administrators for Tam Unity Days and Parent Engagement

$13,962 to Tam News to produce sister publications to help transition incoming Freshmen from Bolinas-Stinson, Sausalito & Marin City

$16,464 on new mobile furniture for the Social Studies department to improve collaboration in the learning environment

$47,848 to revamp the Fitness Centre and partially fund the Fitness Centre Supervisor

$2,500 on Student Planners for students in need

$1,000 for support of Special Day Students

$15,000 to Library for new books, periodicals, subscriptions

$20,000 to support Tam’s LINK Crew, Peer Resources, and WISE Mentors

$150 for every teacher to help with the cost of classroom supplies



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