The programs the Tam High Foundation funds help give every Tam student the opportunity to discover his or her passion – whether it be history, drama, physics, journalism, art, creative writing, math, marine biology, automotive repair, music, poetry, documentary filmmaking, or something else.  By doing this, the Foundation makes Tam more than just a top academic high school.  It makes Tam an extraordinary experience.

Last year, the Foundation raised over $400,000 to fund, among other things, guest artists in drama, English and art classes, an innovative multi-media project that helped history students draw correlations between events in different time periods, a comprehensive diagnostic database for Auto Shop students, and collegiate-level diode lasers for physics students.  The Foundation also funds programs and projects that improve the learning environment for all students, including an aide to keep the library open until 7 PM Monday through Thursday, the Link Crew, and a substantial remodel of the Student Center that will be completed this fall.

Click here for a complete list of the teacher grants awarded in the 2015-16 school year.

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