The Tam High Foundation has a fundraising goal of $600,000 for the 2017-18 school year.  As always, this money will be awarded in the form of grants to teachers who request funding for programs and technology that help them enhance their teaching.  These grants help Tam go beyond what the school district provides, deepening the educational experience for all Tam students and making Tam not just a top academic high school but an extraordinary one.

To meet this goal, we ask all families to contribute at least $700 per student – about $60 per month.  If that’s not possible for you, we hope you will contribute at the highest level at which you feel comfortable.  Just as it’s our goal to enrich the Tam experience for every student, it’s also our goal to have 100% participation from all families in our annual campaign.  Every donation counts and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Our Tax ID is #68-0385326.

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Contribution Levels

Benefactor:  $10,000 +

Patron:  $5,000 +
Sustainer:  $3,500 +
Major Donor:  $2,500 +
Sponsor:  $1,500 +
Donor: $700 +
Contributor:  up to $699





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Matching Donation

You can also double the value of your gift by asking your employer for a matching donation.  Just obtain a matching gift form and send  it to the Tam High Foundation, 700 Miller Ave., Mill Valley, CA   94941.

Donate Stock

Shares can be transferred directly from your brokerage account to the Tam High Foundation account. For more information please click here :  THF Stock Donation

Donate Your Car

You can donate your car by calling the Tam High Foundation Office at 415-380-3565 or email We will assist you through the process.